Run with a Sidekick. MAKE EVERY MILE COUNT.

MARA is a next generation running assistant for the smart runner. She works by using cutting edge voice recognition to PROACTIVELY coach you to new personal bests and better runs.  With MARA coaching you and keeping you on track, you are free to run at your fullest.


MARA makes it simple


  • Talk to her using your earbuds.

Voice commands

  • Tell her what kind of run you'd like to do.
  • Ask questions about the speed, pace, location, duration or weather.
  • Have her play albums and playlists from your music library, and adjust the volume or skip a song.

MARA can speak first

  • She can tell you how you are doing and compare to your past runs and records.
  • She will warn you if it's about to rain.

Track your progress

  • See all your runs, your hotspots and rough legs.  MARA recognizes your progress.

Run with MARA

You run, we provide hands-free motivation. Plan each run and map every distance with MARA.

Download MARA today!


Our story beyond voice control

At MARA.AI, our goal is to push digital interaction beyond mere voice commands - to craft conversations, experiences, and personalities.

MARA Running Assistant is our debut product and combines our passion for voice interaction design with a love of a healthy lifestyle.  This is how MARA was born. Meet the intelligent voice-controlled virtual assistant for exercise and outdoor activities and for those who have active lifestyles.

We love chatting with MARA and you will love her too!

MARA, the mostly audio running assistant ... Lots of really smart people in Silicon Valley believe that the company that finally teaches computers to really listen to us - to understand human speech, could end up ruling the technology universe.
— Steve Henn, NPR
MARA is an intelligent, voice-based running assistant that provides performance data and training information during exercise, serving as a virtual running coach or personal trainer.
— Amazon.com, Inc (Alexa Fund)

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