I'd like to introduce MARA

If you were like us, you grew up watching Star Trek, and Knight Rider, and Tron.  You were transfixed by the idea of a computer that you could talk to.


A computer that could work with you as a PARTNER rather than just as your tool.

A computer that connected your FIRST COMMUNICATION - voice - with the world’s knowledge.

A computer that could SPEAK FIRST, and start conversations it knew you would want to have.


At MARA.ai, we are in love with this dream too, and we’re bringing it to another of our passions: exercise and outdoor activities.

Today, we're proud to unveil the next version of MARA, an assistant for the smart runner.

She uses cutting edge conversation technology to PROACTIVELY coach you to new personal bests and better runs.

She can warn you about hazards and weather conditions, and she has a great personality!

MARA is now available on the App Store!  We love chatting with MARA and you will love her too!